We are specialised in Qualitative Research

with experience in International Research projects.
Our professional practice adheres to the International Code
Silvia Iranzo Ferrandis is Independent Market Researcher and
Responsible of In Market Research

Member of the Spanish Association of Market Studies, Marketing and Opinion (AEDEMO)

and the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)

based in the UK.


Experience as

International Research Director
of a Market Research,
Marketing and HR Consultancy company
Bachelor's in Psychology

at the University of Valencia
Social & Organisational Psychology
Complementary education in the UK
University of Exeter England
Economic Psychology
Consumer & Marketing Psychology
Social Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma in Market Research
by the University of Valencia & AEDEMO

Spanish Association of Market Studies

Marketing & Opinion

Valencia (Spain) Tel: +34 639 06 32 35       e-mail: silviairanzo@inmarketresearch.com